Nature vs. Nurture

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We get it, the white man runs and ruins the world. Since elementary school, we’ve been learning just about the same things repeatedly in history. That is, only hearing about the white man’s failures and the white man’s achievements. Yes there are a few exceptions to this, as the most obvious is: Martin Luther King Jr.


But when children take in nature vs. nurture, the history books misinform many kids to grow into ignorant people of the future. Children may find that their ethnicities or cultures aren’t celebrated in history books which could definitely be part of the cause of self hatred and internalized racism. What other ethnicities normality can be seen as “bizarre” or made of mockery because it isn’t taught to be socially acceptable.

because she's not

Tons of people may think topics like this are a joke, but when it’s not 1950 anymore and things like *said above picture* are still being said in 2014 by kids and adults, we…

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